How To Make Rose Oil At Home And Benefits Of Rose Oil

How To Make Rose Oil At Home And Benefits Of Rose Oil: Rose is one of the best natural gifts which nature has given to us. They not only look beautiful, but also provides the great aroma that refreshes us. Apart from this, roses have amazing properties that offer several benefits to our skin, hair, and health. Today we will discuss how to prepare rose oil at home from rose petals, and their benefits. Rose oil is extracted by the steam refining of rose petals, and it is very easy and simple to prepare at home.

how to make rose oil at home


Ingredients And Things That You Need.

1. 8 Cups Of Rose Petals.

2. 1 Cup Olive or Jojoba Oil.

3. Water.

4. Sieve.

5. Jar.

6. Pestle.


Step 1.

Take 8 cups of water in a vessel and heat that water on a low flame till it starts boiling.

Step 2.

Now take 1 cup of olive or jojoba oil, which you like, but I recommend jojoba oil as it holds the rose scent longer than other oils. If you don't have jojoba oil, then you can use olive oil as it is also suitable. Place the bowl of olive or jojoba oil in the center of the water vessel.

Step 3.

Mash the rose petals with a pestle and add it in the jojoba or olive bowl. You can utilize a wooden spoon or your fingers on the off chance that you have no different supplies accessible for mash the rose petals. Put a lid on the bowl of olive or jojoba oil and let it be in the warm water for 1 hour.

Step 4.

Now take out the bowl from the water vessel with the lid still on it and place it on the sunny side of the window.

Step 5.

Let keep the bowl for 1 week so that it can take all the goodness and nutrients of rose petals.

Step 6.

After a week, remove all the rose petals from the oil and squeeze it properly so that every drop of rose oil gets in jojoba or olive oil.

Step 7.

Now filter the oil with the help of mesh sieve into another jar or bowl so that rose petal pieces or residues remove properly.

Step 8.

Store the rose oil in a glass jar or any container. Now your rose oil is ready to use.


1. For Healthy Hair: Rose Oil is very beneficial in getting long, soft and shiny hair and also reduce the problem of frizzy hair. It creates a protective layer on the hair that reflects light with which your hair look extra shiny. 

How To Use: Use rose oil as a serum for your hair. Take few drops of rose oil on your palm and gently massage on your dried hair. You can also add a few drops of rose oil in your shampoo while washing your hair.

2. For Cracked Feet: Rose oil provides wonder results for the cracked feet. If you have cracked feet, then rose oil is very beneficial to you.

How To Use: Take a plastic tub with sufficient warm water to soak your feet. Add some sea salt, half lemon juice and some drops of rose oil into the tub. Now put your feet for 15 to 30 minutes in the tub and after that wash your feet with cold water. If your feet cracked badly, then you can repeat this procedure at least thrice time a week for best results.

3.  For Keeping Mind And Body Relax: Rose Oil is very helpful in keeping mind and body relaxed. The aroma of rose calms your mind and body and give you a relaxing effect. It is also used in aromatherapy.

How To Use: Add a few drops of rose oil in your bath water. You will feel relaxed and fresh after taking bath with rose oil. It also helps in cleansing your skin.

4. For Acne And Scars: Rose oil has antifungal, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are very helpful in healing acne and scars problems. It reduces the scars and acne quickly and also helpful in reducing the redness of scars and acne.

How To Use: Take few drops of rose oil on your palm and apply it gently all over your face and areas of acne and scars and let it work for all night. To get the maximum benefits you can also use it with your night creams and moisturizers.

5. For Antiseptic Purposes: Rose oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal and healing properties which are very helpful in treating the minor wounds. 

How To Use: Apply rose oil topically on wounds and injury and cover it with a bandage.


If you experience any kind of burning, itching or redness while using rose oil on the skin then discontinue its use. 

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